August 3, 2012:
Finally time has come... The secret has been reveiled... The design I entered in the Trollbeads contest has been chosen as one of the winners. Meaning my design will be available in stores worldwide as from today. Yay! I am so proud!!!
Please check Trollbeadsuniverse for a dealer near you.

February 27, 2012:
Voting period is over. Now we wait...

February 18, 2012:
I am so happy to say that one of my designs has been chosen as 1 of 100 finalists in the official Trollbeads Peoples Bead 2012 design contest.

Please visit Trollbeads Universe to vote. Thank you!

March 27, 2011:
Yay! There's news...
From April 29th until August 28th my work will be showed and for sale during a Roman Glass exhibit in the Thermenmuseum in Heerlen. You will find more information on the website of the Thermenmuseum and on the organiser's website: Chispazo.

October 11, 2010:
New stuff in my Etsy shop... and... Outlet Sale.
It has been quiet around me and my beads. As you know last year in August we moved to a new home and we spent almost all of our time renovating.
We're still not quite done, but it's livable...
This winter I hope we can make a start with my new studio... It already has a lovely view but some walls need to be moved in order to get the space I need...
In the meantime I have been cleaning out drawers and found some of my older work. That's why I'm having an outlet sale on Etsy...
All Sale items are the same high quality as the regular priced items in my shop. This is just some of my earlier work or designs I don't do anymore.
There's free shipping for 2nd and 3rd Outlet Sale item in one order.
More stuff will follow. I'll try to add some every day.
Thank you for looking!

March 1, 2010:
No news... Still renovating. It has been quiet for a while and I do have my little torching cabinet, but nothing new to show for. Sorry...

July 15, 2009:
As from next week we will be renovating our new bought home. As soon as my new studio is finished I will be back with more news.
See you after summer!

May 17, 2009:
Not much news at this time. Except that we have a very sweet puppy-dog named Ziva. She's the reason I'm not much at the torch lately, but I will be back.