On 03-12-2018 schreef Jade:
"The beads are just as vibrant as the picture. Each bead is detailed to show the specific species of nudibranch it represents, one of my favourite sea creatures. I adored these beads from the moment I saw them about a year and a half ago, right before the shop went on hiatus. I have been checking in every now and again to see if they came back and I am so pleased they did! Well worth the wait. Jolanda was great keeping me up to date about shipping times and delays due to postal strikes in my country. Thank you!!"

On 22-03-2017 schreef slobberydogfarm:
"Truly lovely bead, quick delivery from afar! Thank you!"

On 07-03-2012 schreef Marilyn:
"This bead is the most beautiful Holly bead I have ever seen. Even better in person. Love it! Thanks very much!"

Op 03-07-2012 schreef Eveliina:
"My beautiful necklace (and bead!) arrived today! It`s magnificent! Thank you very very very much :) Have a nice summer!"

Op 06-09-2012 schreef Barbara:
"She arrived today! I didn't expect the beads with the mermaids - they're gorgeous. Thanks."

Op 25-06-2011 schreef Ikuko Kurashina:
"Very pretty bead. I am surprised sensitive work and beautiful colors. Thank you!!"

Op 07-06-2011 schreef AliciaRae1973:
"Lovely!!! This bead will be cherished for a lifetime. Many thanks :-)"

Op 08-10-2010 schreef slbrazeau:
"I bought this for my daughter-in-law's "sea side" bracelet and she is absolutely delighted! Thank you so much!"

Op 29-09-2010 schreef RagdollDesigns:
"An absolute work of art - it's my favorite bead on my Pandora."

Op 11-03-2010 schreef simba6509:
"LOVE this bead... it's nice and chunky and unusual. Thank you so much. Please make more seashell beads! Fast shipping all the way from the Netherlands."

Op 18-02-2010 schreef adrikeen:
"Exquisite bead! Larger than expected! Will be gorgeous in necklace piece! Thank you!"

Op 25-01-2010 schreef kalenafalk:
"Absolutley beautiful! I bought another mermaid necklace from you last year and love that one too!"

Op 14-09-09 schreef rhustrand:
"Beautiful, I am so looking forward to wearing this, I know it will prompt loads of admiring comments :-) thank you"

Op 04-05-09 schreef cbrofm:
"This bead is so pretty, I have another just like it and it's the showpiece of my bracelet. Every time I put it on I go back to the beach for a few seconds. You're so lucky to be so talented"

Op 06-04-09 screef kalenafalk:
"I received the beautiful necklace today. I just love it!"

Op 04-02-09 schreef samcdermott65:
"Another beauty and looks so good with the other sea themed pieces I've purchased."

Op 25-01-09 schreef jenniferkuhl2002:
"What a beautiful shell! Fantastic color, with a soft touch. This artist is really amazing, I really do believe you can't go wrong here with anything you buy. Fast shipping and great packing. Fast delivery all the way to the United States. Thank you!"

Op 01-12-09 schreef sweetheatherlea8:
"I'm in absolute ecstacy. I love it!!! Thank you so very much. This is by far the most unique bead that I have. Keep being creative and colorful."

Op 06-01-09 schreef JessiJeanJewelry:
"Thank you so much - I'm giving these beautiful little beads as gifts, and I know they'll love them!! Very unique and original design. Nice packaging too! Thanks again!!"

Op 06-01-09 schreef maryatthemarket:
"Whoa! Very very detailed beautiful bead! So happy!"
"Lightening fast shipment! Thanks so much!"

Op 25-12-08 schreef bhenneke:
"I got the two beads from you for Christmas. They're everything I hoped they would be! Beautiful. Thanks."

Op 31-10-08 schreef dragonfly88:
"Love this pendant. Such detail. Excellent artist, great delivery."
"Such a different bead. Will really enjoy."

Op 30-10-08 schreef Sixmoons:
"Very beautiful, A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+!"

Op 29-10-08 schreef northernmoon:
"These beads are delightful. Beautifully made with lots of detail - I will definately be back for more. Very fast international shipping too!"

Op 10-10-08 schreef hodjster:
"Stunning beads amazing detail really love this little bead!!! I hope that you make some more big hole beads in the future - your detailing is lovely!"

Op 09-10-2008 schreef midnightblue:
"Beautiful little icecube indeed! It sparkles and shines on my bracelet."
"Lovely, lovely bead: a little piece of the sea on my wrist! I love it."

Op 01-10-2008 schreef WingsDove:
"Received shipment from the Netherlands within 8 days -- very fast. The pendant is even more beautiful than the photo, with a real depth in the colors, a lovely seascape design. Just lovely."

Op 17-09-2008 schreef Maris:
"Het is echt zo mooi, ik ben er erg blij mee.
Dank je wel!"

Op 29-04-2008 schreef Tatiana:
"Ik heb de kralen ontvangen. Erg mooi. Wellicht kom ik op een later moment bij je terug voor weer een andere kleur."